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The second episode of Richard Dawkins’ The Enemies of Reason is now ontube at Google Video.

“Quantum Healing” makes an appearance at 12:33. Zounds!


    • sailor
    • Posted Tuesday, 21 August 2007 at 22:07 pm
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    Thanks Blake!
    I think that’s 18:33 not 12:33
    Deepak admits he know shit about quantum and uses it as a metaphor!

  1. “Quantum Healing” appears on a sign at 12:33, but Chopra doesn’t stick his face into the story until a few minutes later.

  2. If these two videos prove nothing else, they at least prove that Dawkins has the patience of a fucking Saint.

    Pun intended, of course.

  3. There is a sign that says Quantum Healing at 12:33, but the big fake segment doesn’t start til the 18 and a half mark. | levitra online samples uk | propecia generic