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To summarize the apparent attitude of MySpace honchos:

Spines are for wimps, and Terms of Service are for pansies. Let’s delete the Atheist and Agnostic Group and then go sacrifice a goat to Rupert Murdoch.

Noises are being made that a “secular humanism” group (ID 100130357) has also been vaporized. I get an “invalid group ID” message when I try to check that page. Anybody know more?

One Comment

  1. What I do know is that MySpace is a piece of asshole. This only reinforces and exacerbates my negative opinion of it.

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  1. [...] that being MySpace, is what I consider the anus of the generally dreck-tacular phenomenon. Via Blake, however, I see that MySpace has gone even lower, annihilating atheist and secular groups from [...]

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