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The infamous evilutionary superscientist P-Zed has been interviewed by a Korean newspaper in connection with a plagiarism incident which P-Zed’s legion of readers helped expose. The story in The Hankyoreh has not yet been published in an English version, but the Korean copy is available online.

A reader translates the headline as, “A plagiarism case spotted within 8 hrs since publishing: the Strength of Science Blogs.” (It actually took only a little over four hours for the first plagiarized passage to be detected; PZ Myers’s blog post appeared at 10:08 AM, and Ian York found the first of many stolen passages at 2:17 PM, ScienceBlogs time.) Google translates that headline as

After eight hours’ thesis plagiarism ‘OK, the power of science blog!

Machine translation, where would we be without you?


  1. OK, the power of science blog!

    And You Can Too!

  2. By our powers combined…

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