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BPSDBTime for a little BPSDB! The redoubtable Ben Goldacre has the dirt on Bill Nelson’s “QXCI machine,” a device for “bioenergetic health auditing,” a medical procedure well-known among specialists as an essential step in the surgical removal of cash from wallets. Best of all, though, is what QXCI stands for: Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface. Now, quantum physics has jack to do with consciousness, but more importantly, “quantum xrroid” just sounds. . . painful. Like a blood boil growing inside your X, if you know what I mean.

Maybe a “quantum xrroid” means that your X is in a superposition of inflamed and not inflamed and only settles on one or the other option when your doctor examines it.

(Incidentally, I met the redoubtable Ben Goldacre in Vegas a few weeks ago — and thereby would hang a tale, if he weren’t still hoarding the photo evidence.)


    • Sili
    • Posted Saturday, 9 August 2008 at 14:53 pm
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    As I said on LanguageLog on the Pharyngula Minutes post, I’d love to get Liberman at the Amaz!ng meeting with PeeZed and Goldacre. I’m sure that it would result in the Blogularity!

    One of the commenters on Bad Science mentioned that it too all intents and purposes looked like a random number generator. I, too, find that the COM-ports lack a certain finesse. They could at least have updated to USB if not Firewire.

  1. For some reason your feed wasn’t being picked up on BPSDB, but I’ve sorted it out now, sorry!

  2. Thanks! On the old site, I had to login manually and create a post each time I wanted to be “aggregated,” so any automation will be appreciated. :-)

  3. How does one even pronounce Xrroid? Do you take Preparation X to lube yourself up for the bracelets?

    • Rebel Dreams
    • Posted Monday, 11 August 2008 at 09:22 am
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    Xrroid = “KRISS-royd”? “EKS-royd”? Uh.. “CHEE-royd”?

    Nah, it think it’s pronounced “”BULL-crap”.