Gogo Proxy

Modern air travel! The worst trouble I had with the in-flight WiFi service (on my return from Skepticon 3) was that it didn’t work, or, rather, that it worked for less than the time necessary to load a page. A friend of mine travelling on the same day had a more interesting issue: the Internet connection gave him someone else’s identity. He went through the procedure to sign up for the Gogo Inflight Wifi, logged into Facebook and realized he was seeing someone else’s news feed. With someone else’s picture on the page. Using a total stranger’s account. Upon reloading, the same thing happened, but with a second stranger taking the place of the first.

HTTP Proxies are strange and mysterious things.

Science & Fiction at ScienceOnline 2011

I’ll be co-moderating a couple sessions at ScienceOnline 2011 this coming January. Here’s the abstract for one of them:

Can we stimulate a wider interest in and appreciation of scientists and what they do via the medium of mainstream fiction, whether be it novels, plays, movies or TV dramas? And how can we leverage online tools to help? Is it possible to entertain and educate without becoming too pedantic or pedagogical, and how do we define “scientific accuracy” in the context of made-up stories? This session will explore the world of imaginary science and how we can leverage its powers without compromising our scientific principles.

With Jennifer Rohn, who will bring the respectable content, while I provide my best Wesley Crusher impression.