Second Chance

When I have been stuck on the research front, I have turned to typing up my lecture notes for the past couple semesters and merging them into the notes I already had, to make a book-shaped document.

My organizing theme is to cover the explanations that made things finally click for me, the second or third time I studied a subject. The working title is Second Chance: Unorthodox but Personally Effective Explanations in Probability and Physics.

Without the personal angle, I wouldn’t have the motivation to work on it, but because it is such a me book, the barrier to collaborating is even higher than it is with all other writing projects. The other downside is that because it’s not a plug-and-play replacement for a specific textbook that already exists, it doesn’t directly further the goal of giving curriculum materials away for free to burn down the publishing industry. (It’s kind of advanced undergraduate/early graduate level thermodynamics/statistical/quantum physics, with supplements on the mathematics required. So, it’s too offbeat to be a “free Griffiths”.)