Sunday Inspirational Anecdote

Monado just linked to my post on science-themed lolcats, so I popped over there and checked out the recent posts, among which I found a wonderful little story about a five-year-old who saved her mother’s life. It comes from “Firegirl,” an emergency medical technician, and is reprinted at Science Notes with her permission.

A 5-year old little girl called 911 to come help her mother. When we got on scene, firefighers were already there and the little girl came bouncing out to greet us with a cheery, “HI! My mommy fell down in the kitchen!” She didn’t seem concerned, really, which is a nice change from the kids who cry and worry. In fact, she turned out to be incredibly helpful, beyond the initial 911 call. She lead my partner and I into the kitchen where “Mommy” had apparently been fixing a pizza for her children (the girl and her six year old brother) when she collapsed. Mom was breathing fine but she kept lapsing in and out of consciousness and couldn’t really give us much information on what was going on.

I was pulling on a pair of gloves and the little girl said, “My mommy has some of those! See!” and pointed to a box of non-latex gloves sitting on a sideboard. Good thing she pointed those out! We all pulled off our latex gloves and replaced them with the ones on the sideboard. (We left her a fresh box out of our ambo as well.) When the girl asked why we did that I explained that we needed to wear “Mommy’s special gloves” because our gloves could make her sick. She nodded and said, “’cause she’s ‘lergic, right?” I was impressed and said yes, that was why. […]

Read the rest (tabbed browsing is your friend!).

I could draw a whole bunch of obvious morals about the importance of factual knowledge, the value of an informed citizenry, the incredible ability of children to learn and so forth, but I think the story speaks pretty well for itself.

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