Sometimes, My Culture Makes Me Happy

The first Google hit for the word “preacher” is the Wikipedia article on the comic book series about the hick-town Texan preacher who fuses with the nigh-omnipotent bastard offspring of an angel and a demon and then goes on a quest with his gun-toting girlfriend and a hard-drinking Irish vampire in order to hold God accountable for abandoning the world.

Dear Messrs. Ellis, Ennis and Gaiman: can we please do the same with God? (You’re almost there with Lucifer.)

I was actually pointed to Preacher via two sources: a drunk bloke in an Irish bar full of expatriates in Lyon, and the webcomic Unshelved. Funny how the world works, ain’t it?

Now, off to get myself some cookies and finish reading Hector Avalos’s Fighting Words.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes, My Culture Makes Me Happy”

  1. I hope you’ll be reviewing Fighting Words. After reading about it at PZ’s it went straight onto my Amazon wishlist, but my to-be-read pile is too big at the moment to have sprung for it right away.

    -one of your three readers, and in fact at work right now

  2. Wow, this blog’s suddenly developed a graphic novel theme, didn’t see that coming. Not that I’m complaining, mind…

  3. I was actually pointed to Preacher via two sources: a drunk bloke in an Irish bar full of expatriates in Lyon,

    Heh, heh, appropriate enough.

    I was up real early and thinking about this comic business, then was reading Gaiman’s site. As I mentioned on Skepchick, a friend had sent me the first two volumes of Preacher about three years ago in a “care package” of comics and movies. I have 3 & 4 now. I don’t know much about these graphic novels (and I haven’t talked to him for a long time), but I’ve found comic book people love to talk about comics and are most helpful. The section in Borders stinks – lots of missing volumes, but a very nice guy spent time talking to me there. Aside from Gaiman, Ellis, and Preacher, he said that they often recommend Y: The Last Man series to people new to comics of this sort. So, I took the first two of those knowing nothing about them. Based on what I said about politics, he thrust into my hand Ex Machina. In the latter the protagonist is able to communicate with machines of all sorts, even turning off all the electricity in New York City. I’d like that ability.

    Then a couple of weeks ago I went to my favorite dumpling place, and needing something to read with my dumplings, went into an independent comic bookstore. The manager talked to me for nearly an hour! The store has a HUGE section of graphic novels on one wall, the other wall has tons of toys, and the area I picked up an Edward Gorey book was nicely stocked with wonderfully bound and artful hardcover cartoon books. (If I was currently working and making money I would have unloaded my wallet in a big way on those.)

    Anyway, I told him that Watchmen didn’t grab me, and he said that it’s more for someone who knows the whole superhero genre. I’m not into that. Unfortunately they had all but Vol. 3 of The Last Man, since I’m now curious as to what will happen to our English major protagonist who is the last man alive. I kind of like it so far. He also suggested Fables to me, so I took that home too. Needless to say, I walked out spending over $100! I really shouldn’t have…

    Another thing is that the store got pretty busy and there was not one person who looked under 30 years old. A lot of people have this funky idea that just dorks and slackers read comics. At least superficially, it just didn’t look that way to me, though there were definitely more men than women while I was there. I grew up when there were many paperback trading stores and the place had that feel.

    BTW, Transmetropolitan-back on the street has lots of detail in the bigger pictures, which I love; that three-eyed smiley face everywhere, product names that remind me of the Wacky Stickers of yore (such as an Ebola soda can), GODTI tucked somewhere. You can’t just whip by the pictures. [coffee]

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