A while back, I installed the wp-slimstat plugin to track the statistics of who’s visiting Science After Sunclipse. It offers some interesting forms of entertainment. For example, I now understand why the denizens of the Blagnet occasionally post the search strings which lead people to their sites. “louann brizendine bio” surprised me, but it was a pleasant surprise, since I was writing about the bad science in her book The Female Brain. Anytime a debunking is visible, I’m happy. (I’m a little boggled that my post appeared on the first page of the Google hit parade, even beating out Language Log. This might be a carnival effect.)

My disgruntled rant about Michael Behe’s The Edge of Evolution (it’s in the bookstores now) is currently #11 for “michael behe evolution edge“. First page would be nice. . . . but since I lead the pack for “science response to edge of evolution“, I’m pretty satisfied.

If you’re looking for a treatment of Behe’s work which is slightly less snarky than my own rant, see TalkOrigins.org’s illuminating discussion of Irreducible Complexity and Michael Behe. The documents linked therein demonstrate beyond a doubt that the concepts he has used so far are plagued with wrongness, and nothing I’ve seen so far indicates that The Edge of Evolution has anything more to offer. (I picked it up in the bookstore last weekend, but I didn’t read every page. I don’t need to eat the whole egg to know that it’s rotten. If people are absolutely desperate, and if the folks at ScienceBlogs and the Panda’s Thumb don’t beat me to it, I’ll try to avoid gagging long enough to write a review. But really, I’ve got good books and real science to talk about, too!)

Somebody was curious about “PROCESS OF TRANSLATION OF CARTOONS MOVIES“, and moreover they were searching from the Ukraine. (I said “cartoon” here and “process of translation” here.) The one which truly warms my blackened, Bose-Einstein-condensated heart is, however, the following:

These two posts are the first two hits for “physics lit-crit“.

Ah, Arachne, mischievous muse of the worldly Web!

If you really want that sort of thing, well, Alan Sokal’s site is right here.

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