Love Actually is, like Scott Pilgrim, a movie I couldn’t find interesting enough to finish watching. Never seen the whole thing. But I gather that it ends with the kid slipping through airport security because they’re distracted by Bill Nighy being killed by Snape.

Evolutionary Game Dynamics in Populations with Heterogeneous Structures

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Genetic demixing and evolution in linear stepping stone models

Immunology for physicists

Critical phenomena in complex networks

Is Everyday Math The Worst Math Program Ever?

This New Year’s, donate one of your old creative works to the public domain!

OK, why did the publicity blitz on the #Amplituhedron have to happen months before the paper?

An SIR Graph Growth Model for the Epidemics of Communicable Diseases

“Randy Schekman takes on the big journals: How journals like Nature, Cell and Science are damaging science”

when a new problem like invasive crazy ants arises, we depend on retirees and hobbyists”

New insights into gendered brain wiring, or a perfect case study in neurosexism?

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Moronic behaviour from Twitter’s management

Wikipedia has a list of James Bond villains, complete with goals and fates. Goal: “Assassinate Princess Diana and her sons at Euro Disney.” ERROR PUNCHLINE SUPERFLUOUS ABORT RETRY FAIL

American seasonal greeting preferences. But what about “May the red ink flow like wine this grading season?”

One should never lose sight of why America preaches nonviolence to some people while urging other people to arms.

Crocodilians use tools for hunting.