Impending Linkrot

I once sent a TV Tropes link to a man in Reno, just to watch him die, one bullet point at a time.

“There are only a handful of individuals who can make brain science look cool.” If that announcement is about something other than freezing brains, I’m not interested.

Help, help! Elsevier is being repressed!

The Selling of the Suicide Seeds Narrative

Myths about how the brain works have no place in the classroom

Borowitz Report: Polar Vortex Causes Injuries as People Making Snide Remarks About Climate Change Are Punched in Face

“Your stalker would like to add you to his professional network.”

“I searched Flickr for “prairie dog”. I suspect that at least one person has badly mis-tagged their photos.”

“Proof of Heaven”—plus 5 malpractice cases and an overly transparent airport novel

Am I suprised by MIT behaving badly? Not really.

“Failed because I forgot the eq. for a circle in polar coordinates.”

Hidden features of Python

Here’s Exactly How Much the Government Would Have to Spend to Make Public College Tuition-Free ($62.6 billion)

The Long Grind of Writing a [Maths] Book

Group theoretic, Lie algebraic and Jordan algebraic formulations of the SIC existence problem (v2)

Statler: “Wasn’t Neuromancer a dystopian future?” Waldorf: “Yes, nobody had cell phones.”