Friday Anime Remixes

WARNING: if you have a life, you might not “get” this post.

Sometimes, the creativity of the Internet astonishes me.

No, really. I know I’m a snarky and sarcastic person given to damnation-by-faint-praise, but on occasion, even I am honestly impressed. While much of what goes on in the Network’s twisty little forking passages doesn’t contribute to saving the world, we do have to assure ourselves our world is worth saving, don’t we?

And that’s why I’m embedding the theatrical trailer for The Matrix (1999), recreated using clips from Ghost in the Shell (1995).

And, of course, if Ghost in the Shell was used to make the trailer for The Matrix, then the Matrix Reloaded (2003) trailer has to be made from Stand Alone Complex (2002):

There. Wasn’t I right? You just can’t appreciate that sort of thing if you have a social life.

Now, if only somebody could remix the last episode of Ergo Proxy (2006) so that it made some bloody sense. I swear: given how cool that show looks, the depth of the ideas it seems to be addressing during its run, and the total surreal symbolic weirdness of its conclusion, it’s The Prisoner (1967) with robots and a Radiohead theme song.

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  1. Wait, it’s only the last episode that didn’t make sense? I dunno, I mean I loved The Prisoner, but I just couldn’t past episode 7 or so of Ergo Proxy

  2. For me at least, the first episode of Ergo Proxy was weird and required repeated watchings. Successive ones made sense, although they started getting a little loopy around 16 or so, whereupon the conclusion made me go — “That looks so cool, but what just happened?”

  3. IIRC, Ergo Proxy had different people writing the scripts for different episodes, so that might explain why it is confusing at times.

    About the videos, the first one is great, but the second — so-so, because it seems a bit random. Matrix: Reloaded wasn’t too great a movie either.

    By the way, have you seen GitS: SSS? It’s good.

  4. It would be interesting to see if one could sort the episodes by their screenwriters just based on their content, and compare that classification to the actual credits.

    Yeah, I liked the first video more — its creator took more effort to find good clips and sync them.

    GitS: SSS was good, indeed. You think a sequel is in the works?

  5. Cross-posting:

    A while back, I was trapped in a hellish meeting and kept my sanity by composing the first octet of an ode to Motoko Kusanagi, but I don’t think that’s the one you’re thinking of.

    It dawned on me how ironic of a sentence that was. (-;

    Regarding Japan: For your consideration.

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