1 / 3 = 30%

OK, there’s so much to pick on in the Creation “Museum” that it constitutes a classic “target-rich environment,” but one of Media Czech’s photos is just too good to pass up:

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First, I think rounding off to one significant figure represents a great advance for creationist mathematics. Dividing 1 by 3 to get 30% is a big improvement over their other, ahem, arithmetic issues (insisting on 6,000 when the actual figure is 13.7 billion, for example). Second. . . .

Doesn’t that girl really look like she’s smoking something?

(Tip o’ the decadent secular humanist’s beret to PZ Myers.)

5 thoughts on “1 / 3 = 30%”

  1. Hum. Rather like pi = 3, if you ask me. They haven’t come as far as you think.

    It only sounds less stupid than a Dembski diatribe because it’s not as long.

  2. “Less than 1 in 3 (30%) of children will continue smoking Jebus after they flee the nest for saner climates.”

  3. I agree that the math issue is a problem (loved the molten sea example over at Halfway There that points to the **gasp** fallibility of the bible) and she does indeed look like she’s hoarding the smoke on a joint . . . but I think the message is actually kind of heart-warming. Two out of three young adults manage to escape the clutches of an arcane belief structure and begin to actually “think for themselves.” 70% . . . 66 2/3% . . . 2 out of 3 . . . whatever. Thank you Creation Museum for giving me hope that this tide of fundamental religion is beginning to ebb a little!

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