Carnivalia and Blagrolling

Can you believe we’ve made it through sixty-three editions of the Skeptic’s Circle without being struck by lightning, blighted with locusts or dobbsed with leprosy? Rejoice therefore!

One of the many notable entries in this fortnight’s Circle is Steven Novella’s piece on the purported autism-mercury link (hint, hint: there isn’t one, Robert F. Kennedy and Tom Tancredo not withstanding). Dr. Novella also has two good posts on Michael Egnor‘s recent torrid affair with dualism, so if you’d rather get your materialism fix from a Yale University neurologist instead of a physics buff who never learns to lay off the sriracha sauce, there you go.

I’d like to take this moment to give special thanks to all the people who have added Science After Sunclipse to their regular web-surfing experience. In particular, I’ve noticed this little site appearing on some blagrolls in very august company, which makes me happy indeed.

4 thoughts on “Carnivalia and Blagrolling”

  1. Hmm, I just upgraded to WordPress 2.2.1, which may have something to do with that (though I’m not sure what). It looks fine to me on Firefox 2.0.

    (By the way, “Firefox 1.0 is no longer supported and the last update, Firefox 1.0.8, is affected by several vulnerabilities fixed in newer versions of the program. All users are urged to upgrade to the newest version of Firefox.”)

    Is it only the front page which looks screwy?

  2. Yeah, only the front page, and Firefox looks fine on my Powerbook. I don’t update Firefox in my office because it would require remembering while simultaneously being able to find the tech guy, and I don’t update at home because I’m lame, afraid of new things, and Firefox 1.x.x.x works just fine (here), thank you.

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