Livetweeting Classic Video Games

Greg Gbur: Long suffering at the hands of the ghosts, I have eaten an Energizer. Now the hunter becomes the hunted.

Physics has forsaken this place. Asteroids pass through each other, vanish before me, appear behind me.

“What mad god made it so that my sword can kill at a distance only when my heart is full to bursting?”

Another red slime blocked my path. The poor creature. I killed it, in case it had a gold piece.

“It was deadly arithmetic, but it had to be done. We had no other choice. The mines had to be cleared.”

“You’ve never lived, kid,” the veteran spat, “until you’ve seen the centipede’s segments breed.”

We knew the war was immanent. We thought we could win. The missiles keep coming.

“Always the same. Another castle, another castle, another fucking castle!”