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I’ve blagged before about physics videos available on the Web. I just heard about SciTalks, a site for gathering and organizing links to videos on scientific and technical topics. This was something I recall Eric and I wishing for just a few weeks ago, so I’m glad to see somebody trying to make it happen! Hopefully, people will pick up this idea and run with it, so that science-themed videos will actually be easy to find. It’ll be, like, totally sweet: with freely available “multimedia” resources, we’ll finally live up to the hopes we had in, I dunno, 1995 or thereabouts.

Jonathan Shock provides a list of websites to mine for entries into the SciTalks database, of which Serkan Cabi’s massive list looks like a particularly good starting point.

In other news, Terence Tao writes about “ultrafilters, nonstandard analysis, and epsilon management,” making me feel that I was not the only one to gripe and grouse during the epsilon-delta part of undergraduate analysis. Tao also mentions the idea of a “highly rational number,” that is, a rational number p / q where p and q are both limited in magnitude (for some slightly technical definition of “limited”). This nomenclature opens all sorts of possibilities: for example, I’m curious if one could restrict the whole numbers to a new group, the “wholesome numbers,” which have large family values.

I wouldn’t bring up the topic in this context if I didn’t have a video to show. Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Lehrer:

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  1. I’ve been in contact with the SciTalks people who have responded very well to my questions. It seems that they have major plans for a version 2 which will be out in a few months and the new ideas look to be a great improvement on something which is built on a simple but powerful basis.

    They say they have fixed the short url problem so I would be interested to know if you can now upload the video you mentioned. The site is blocked here in China so uploading things to it is not easy for me.

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