Framing Rules!

. . . just kidding!

Have some Bill Hicks instead:

Incidentally, the third Google Hit for the man’s name is the Wikipedia article (naturally, these days), and the quoted excerpt is the following:

Thanks to the technologies which enable audio sampling, fragments of Bill Hicks rants, diatribes, social criticisms and philosophies have found their way …

. . . which I wrote, about a year and a half ago. Rock on, Internet! Reminds me of the time a friend of mine once bought a DVD in New York’s Chinatown, only to find that the description of the movie on the back was lifted from an Amazon review. . . which he himself had written. Pynchon must have known he was a prophet when he coined the phrase “endless, convoluted incest.”

I’ve got lots of things to write over the coming days, but a couple draft posts are only a few paragraphs away from completion, so I won’t be vanishing like Russell and Jason.

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