Ecclesial-Academic Complex

The only mission of biblical studies should be to end biblical studies as we know it. This book will explain why I have come to such a conclusion. In the process, it will review the history of academic biblical studies as primarily a religionist apologetic enterprise, despite its partial integration of secularist epistemologies. The majority of biblical scholars in academia are primarily concerned with maintaining the value of the Bible despite the fact that the important questions about its origin either have been answered or cannot be answered. More importantly, we will show how academia, despite claims to independence, is still part of an ecclesial-academic complex that collaborates with a competitive media industry.

From Hector Avalos’s The End of Biblical Studies (2007), freshly picked up from the mail room.

While it’s definitely too early in the day to use the word epistemologies, I like the coinage ecclesial-academic complex. Expect more on this book as I progress through it.

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