A Check to My Ambitions

So, my joke about ScienceBlogs: The Movie has gotten a little attention, which is nice. Unfortunately, I just received some dire news from a reliable source.

And as was discovered last year, you can’t actually make a movie for the Internet, otherwise you wind up with (2006’s) Snakes on a Plane. “Buzz on the Internet” can honestly sometimes be 200 people talking very loudly.

Neil Gaiman (24 July 2007)

Tip o’ the top hat to, er, Neil Gaiman.

5 thoughts on “A Check to My Ambitions”

  1. Actually, I think it’s simply too late to see SOAP now. The whole THING about it was seeing in a theater at a time when most people were coming into the screening with altered expectations for the film.

    Personally, I enjoyed the circus, I enjoyed the hype, and yes, I even enjoyed the film. However, had I not seen it on the big screen in a raucous, nearly Rocky Horror environment on the day of its release, or had I not been privy to the buzz related to it, I would not have enjoyed it anywhere near as much. However, going in with the right attitude and expecting a ridiculous, nearly Sci-Fi Channel level of badness, it can still be worth seeing.

    (Full Disclosure: I found the scenario surrounding SOAP so interesting that I’m currently writing a 10,000-12,000 word MA dissertation on the ways that internet buzz changes our expectations for films and, thus, our reception of them, using SOAP as the primary case study. So take my opinions with whatever caution that disclosure merits)

  2. Hmm. I think you have a point there. I didn’t see it in anywhere near that sort of enviroment and, frankly, I just got bored.
    Also, far be it from me to argue with an armed dissertation.

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