Nirvana Officially Old

The next time I go out to buy office supplies, I fully expect to hear “Smells Like Teen Spirit” being played over the store PA system. You know why? This is why:

Scientific American has a new “special edition” out, this one covering the psychology and neuroscience of children. And they riffed on the Nevermind (1991) album for the cover art. (I guess that means they covered the cover, didn’t they? Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week!)

Never-mind. . . mind, neuroscience. . . see, it all fits together, doesn’t it?

This is about when my mother chimes in saying, “Hah! And now don’t you feel old!”

Remember, it was all the way back in December 1996 when Garth Ennis had a Preacher character reminisce about the days when Nirvana was “everywhere” — and that itself in a flashback, no less. The story with the flashback to the recollection of ubiquitous Gen-X irony (or whatever in blazes that song is supposed to be “about”) is already more than a decade old. Hooray for SciAm driving the point home.

One thought on “Nirvana Officially Old”

  1. Oh, yeah?

    When I last went comics shopping, some comic called Raising the Dead had covered the Nevermind cover… with a zombie baby.

    Combining two played out concepts at once. (I love zombies, but Marvel has officially ruined them for me. Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness was awesome, but when I saw those fucking zombies on a cover of fucking Black Panther, part of me died inside. Please stop beating that undead horse, Marvel. Please.)

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