10 thoughts on “New Sidebar Whoosywhatsits”

  1. Apropos nothing: Firefox 2 has a new version of JavaScript with some features stolen from Python — generators/iterators, array comprehensions, block scoping, destructuring assignment. Doesn’t mean much for Web development since most of us will always have to be compatible with MSIE, but interesting for toy code all the same.

    This made me think of porting the preferential attachment doohickey to JavaScript 1.7, which I did quickly and dirtily, using the <canvas> tag for a basic histogram. (I know some JS graphing toolkits exist but haven’t messed with them.) Wave of the future? Eh, maybe not. But fun!

  2. W00t! When I posted that last comment, I had put some nonsense code up that was, among other things, missing the <canvas>, then I put up the right code a few min later. So it may have been the few minutes, rather than Firebug, that fixed it. Anyway, let us consider this matter laid to rest. Whee!

  3. Blake:

    Didn’t you know? Atheism is the new communism! :-)

    So naturally, when people come along and say “You atheists! You’re a bunch of communists!”, we want a symbol that says, “No, we’re not! We’re socialists! :-)

    La fleur du parti socialiste looks more inward-curvy than outward-spreading. Maybe that’s the difference between an icon of a rose and an icon of a pansy?

    Dunno. It’s all oograah to me.

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