Dawkins in The Sunday Times

Peter Millar writes for the Times Online about Richard Dawkins and his latest antics.

Even modern global oil corporations have used dowsers to search for deposits. But now Richard Dawkins, the man who told you that God was not only dead but had all along been a bogeyman invented by bogeymen, has levelled his sights at the whole new age caravanserai, including astrologers, spirit mediums, faith healers and homeopathic medicine. Is it high noon for the Age of Aquarius? It is the believers in Aquarius (and Leo and Taurus and Pisces) who attract the first body blow in Dawkins’s new Channel 4 series The Enemies of Reason, which begins next week.

Dawkins is horrified that 25% of the British public has some belief in astrology — more than in any one established religion — and that more newspaper column inches are devoted to horoscopes than to science. Leaning back on a sofa in the faded gothic splendour of Oxford’s 14th century New College he sighs with something approaching despair: “It belittles our universe. To have astrologers demeaning astronomy by tapping into the spine-tingling wonder of the universe is . . .” he struggles briefly for a word, then finds one and pronounces it with a keen awareness of the irony: “Sacrilegious!”

Channel 4 commissioned The Enemies of Reason as a follow-up to The Root of All Evil? (2006). The first broadcast is scheduled for 13 August 2007, with the second installment broadcast one week later.

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One thought on “Dawkins in The Sunday Times

  1. And very good it was, too. Dawkins managed to control his anger a bit better this time round, and so he remains more coherent and persuasive.

    The highlight was when he started calling the cold-reader on details that the man had mentioned and then dropped. The man had talked about a relative with a milatary background and a name begining with G, and that didn’t fit anyone in Dawkin’s family. The reader kept trying to move on, and Dawkins kept calling him back. You could see the man thinking “but this isn’t how it’s supposed to go!”

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