Are We Covering the Wrong Subjects?

Uh-oh. It looks like the time Ben has spent teaching groups, semigroups and monoids might have all been for naught. Just look at what Dr. Ray has to say:

Cubicism, Not group theory.
If ignorant of the almighty
Time Cube Creation Truth,
you deserve to be killed.

Killing you is not immoral –
but justified to save life on
Earth for future generations.

It looks like studies of the Technological Singularity are also in trouble:

Academic taught singularity
within universe of opposites,
has lobotomized your mind.
You are Enslaved by Word –
no whip or shackle required.
You do not have the freedom
to discuss/debate Time Cube.
Academia destroys your mind
by suppressing opposite view.
God equals self masturbation
of mind – for opposites create.
You are educated singularities.

in the Universe of Opposites.

Somewhere, I’ve got a Hi-8 tape with the world’s only footage of Gene Ray being taught to play Go, but that’s a different story, one perhaps best relegated to the shadowed and sordid past.

Well, even if group theory is off the agenda, we’re still meeting Monday afternoon at NECSI for Eric’s next talk on statistical mechanics.

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