Scraping the Bottom of the Garden

Last Thursday night, while a bunch of us were eating sushi, we realized that something had to be done about our excessive indulgence in nerd humor. It was consequently declared, “Every time you tell a geek joke, God kills a fairy. Thus, you must after each such joke clap your hands and proclaim, ‘I believe in fairies! I believe in fairies!'”

For example, suppose I asked, “How do Communist electrical engineers study capacitors?”

“I don’t know, Blake, how do Communist electrical engineers study capacitors. . . Sigh. . .”

“Why, with dialectrical materialism, of course!”

After a moment of awkward silence: “I believe in fairies! I believe in fairies!

(See, it’s a Peter Pan thing. That’s how they brought Tinkerbell back to life. Oh, never mind, it’s impossible to communicate without some shared cultural context. I looked for a video clip to explain this, but all I found was a music video for the Avenue Q song “The Internet is for Porn” made from Peter Pan clips.


Last night, coming back from Punjabi Dhaba, my friend Brian managed to use Ubuntu, the prefix meta- and Pokemon all in one sentence. And Yahweh Elohim then did scream, “I your God am a vengeful God,” and unleashed His wrath upon the court of Faerie, and the fiery serpents of Yahweh Elohim did totally pull a Raiders of the Lost Ark number on all those present, leaving just about everybody dead from Titania and Auberon on down.

If you’re paying exceptionally close attention, you’ll notice that I moved from a subtle xkcd reference to a subtle Neil Gaiman reference — I totally deserve some kind of prize. . . .

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