Five Days Till Intellect Sushi

Scott Hatfield, my colleague in the Order of the Molly, will be debating the creationist Theodore “Vox Day” Beale beginning next Wednesday. Vox declares,

Since biology is entirely outside my areas of both interest and expertise, I think this should be an interesting experiment as to whether decades of science is enough to trump raw intellect.

Excuse me while I clean up the beverage my spit-take just sent across my desk.

Assorted amusing background on Vox here, here, here and here, not to mention the “Hey, it worked for Hitler” incident and the bit about murdering toddlers in the name of Jesus.

Off to check my simulation results and attend a group meeting.

3 thoughts on “Five Days Till Intellect Sushi”

  1. Blake, I know I can count on you to comment wittily at our expense. As a non-academic, I plan on playing my ‘just a high school teacher’ card. Also my ‘why do those you say the Truth will set you free need to lie?’ card. And, of course, my winning smile.

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