Carnival o’ Mathematics #15

Ye newe Carnival of Mathematicks is up at John Kemeny’s place, and Ben Webster resurrects the question of a second, mathier Carnival over at the Secret Blogging Seminar. The next host of the CoM, Kurt Van Etten at Learning Computation, says that he plans to group the submissions he gets into “math” and “math research.”

Don’t forget: you can nominate other people’s math posts for the CoM, too!

Van Etten also has an interesting post on “SocialRank,” a new blog-combing application which is currently in development by MindValley. They’ve managed to provoke irritation by scattering pingbacks across comment threads, pingbacks which point to password-protected pages. If one of them showed up here, I’d be tempted to Akismet it and see if I could throw a Spaniard in the works. But then again, I am a rude and callous individual.

4 thoughts on “Carnival o’ Mathematics #15”

  1. Fair enough — although you did use the R-word. ;-)

    Actually, I don’t think the idea of starting a new carnival will go anywhere, since none of the people who liked the idea have voiced a strong willingness to pick it up and run with it.

  2. This just shows how distant I’ve grown from the math corner of the blogosphere. I wouldn’t even have been aware of this whole episode unless Alon had clued me in through email. I gotta get back in the GAME.

  3. Hoist! By my own petard!

    I would argue there was a subtle difference in the meaning, given the context, except that no one (myself included) actually cares. Mostly I just wanted to talk about the zombified corpse of the Math Research Blog Carnival that never was.

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