Quick, To The Bat-Fainting-Couch!

Today, in politics….

Very Serious People: “I am aghast that Sarah Jeong said that we should #CancelWhitePeople!”

Me: “Ghasp! As an intensely white person myself, I—” [looks at demographics of who voted for Roy Moore time and time again] “… I can’t really object to that.”

Very Serious People: “If you replace ‘white’ with any other group, then what she said is incredibly racist.”

Me: “You have a good—” [holds finger to earpiece] “Hold on, I am being informed that words have meaning, and changing words can … change meaning?”

Generally, I continue to be impressed by how intensely the chattering class can clutch their pearls whenever a woman says something impolite in a setting where impoliteness is both ethically justified and culturally the norm, while the President* repeatedly demonizes the very idea of a free press before audiences that salivate for fascism.