Skeptic’s Circle #68

Skeptic’s Circle #68 is ontube at Aardvarchaeology. I enjoyed this post at Evangelical Realism, and also Andy Lewis’ description of Charles Darwin’s encounter with homeopathy. During one hospital stay, Darwin became an unwilling recipient of homeopathic “treatments,” of which he wrote,

I grieve to say that Dr Gully gives me homoœopathic medicines three times a day, which I take obediently without an atom of faith.

Of course, based on the homeopathic principle that “like cures like,” and that chemicals become more potent the more they are diluted, a single atom of faith mixed in a bottle with a trillion trillion molecules of water must provoke an intense reaction of doubt and skepticism! Unfortunately, for every liter of that medication, you’ll also be getting one molecule of Oliver Cromwell’s piss, so watch out for Monarchist tendencies!

The host of the Circle, Dr. Martin Rundkvist, has a good post of his own on a terrible interview recently showcased by Seed.

The funny thing here is that the Seed Salon is usually a natural scientist and an artist talking, but this time they’ve managed to get a “scientist” [Mike Shanks] who is almost as arty and out-there as the artist [Lynn Hershman Leeson]. Throughout the piece, the two are patting each other on the back, exchanging wannabe-philosophical pleasantries and wordplay, and it’s all absolutely vacuous. Airy musings. The whole piece is a cuckoo’s egg in Seed’s nest, being about as far as you can get from science while staying on campus.

Read for the details, and stick around for the comments! As I mentioned down in the thread, I kept expecting either Shanks or Leeson to dive into quantum feminism. Their “notions of trespass that have no geographic boundaries” would go very nicely alongside Carolyn G. Guertin’s “The lurch and the jump of a browser’s deterritorialized journey through a hyperlinked text [which] simultaneously problematizes connectivity, perspective and the nature of multidimensional space even as it explores them.”