11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me”

  1. Thanks, Tyler. I had a recipe for Atheist Cake which sounded really good, but it asked for “the blood of Christian babies.” I’m not sure how to get that ingredient, particularly when Atheist Pope Richard I says that there are no such things, only babies-of-Christian-parents.

    Maybe I’ll have to settle for chocolate.

  2. Happy Birthday and thankd for bringing back some memories! I need break out my old cassettes of TMBG and convert them to mp3. My office mate’s (also neighbour and labmate) birthday is also tomorrow so i’ll have to blast this when she walks in the door.

  3. Suppose it was a translation error on some very ancient, pre-atheistic scrolls, which meant “brake the fake of some christian bread” instead of “bake a cake of some christian breed”… *angel* ;)
    Whatever…as regular *silent* reader I hope you had quite a nice and delicious day! :)

  4. When you say “Christian babes”, you mean “babes” in what sense, exactly? Oh hang on, it says “babies”, not “babes”. Now, what is it about me that made me read it the other way for a second there? *scratch head* (Probably just long-sightedness.)

    Hope you had a good birthday last week.

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