Cultural Heresies

Dennis Preston quotes a column in State News, official student newspaper of Michigan State University:

Leftists have tried fervently since the 1960s to subvert American culture by promoting cultural heresies, which really only amount to a form of subversion. These cultural heresies include but are not limited to: Radical feminism, sexual deviancy, multilingualism and atheism.

Woot woot! Ding ding ding! We have a winner! I’d like to present this ceremonial, platinum-plated wingnut to Nate Sherman, “State News columnist and a member of MSU College Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom.” For his next trick, maybe he’ll accuse those subversive Leftists of eating sushi!

Even our music and art have been corrupted by the poison of multiculturalism. Art has degenerated to the point where atheists cover statues of our savior in urine, and this “art” is displayed proudly in museums. The fact that these museums often receive grants from the government basically amounts to government subsidizing the abortion of our culture with our own tax dollars.

No no no — real atheists like their Savior Statues made of chocolate, the better to desecrate them in truly lascivious ways.

The music of today is no better than the “art.” In music videos, female singers perform in clothing unfit even for whores. The lyrics of rap songs routinely mention raping women, robbing stores and a myriad of other offenses that would even offend the likes of Ted Bundy.

Hey, I thought the penalty for rape was just a 50-shekel fine and an arranged marriage! I mean, it’s right there in Deuteronomy 22:28-29, so what’s the big deal? And, really, we couldn’t have those female singers dressing up in mannish clothes, could we — that would be “an abomination unto the Lord.”

Mmm. This puts me in a mood for. . . practicing radically feminist sexual deviancy while asserting in multiple languages that no empirical evidence points to the existence of any traditional god, all while eating sushi.

Ecrasons l’infâme, ma chérie, parce qu’Elohim n’est qu’un mauvais rêve de l’Age du bronze — et maintenant, les manacles et le maki-maki nous attendent!

(Tip o’ the decadent secular-humanist beret to Arnold Zwicky.)

9 thoughts on “Cultural Heresies”

  1. “There’s granola in my pantry.”

    I’m confused. Does that come under the heading of multicultural eating, or is it a euphemism for sexual deviancy?

  2. Art has degenerated to the point where atheists cover statues of our savior in urine, and this “art” is displayed proudly in museums.

    I had to laugh at this. Piss Christ was exhibited 18 years ago and contrary to what the Wikipedia article states, it did not receive an NEA grant (it won a prize of which the NEA was one sponsor). Serrano was also “raised a strict Catholic.” Conservatives just love to trot out the same four examples of “degenerate art.” Has Nate been to an art museum recently? I can assure Nate that there’s a lot of interesting and good art that’s been produced in the last 18 years that’s hanging on museum walls. And couldn’t he have used a more recent controversial piece like the Choco Jesus you mentioned? (Though that was at a gallery.) Perhaps his “return to Christendom” should include enhancing his perspective…or getting one.

    Anything that divides America, splits up the family or is an affront to Christian morality is promoted by the left.

    …and often committed by the right. Whatever.

  3. Since the problem appears to be “multiculturalism”, obviously it was a big mistake for the original Americans to have let all that Eurotrash in in the first place.

  4. “ceremonial, platinum-plated wingnut”

    I assume that’s a homeopathic platinum plating. Using a real platinum plating could get costly, especially if you award these to even a fraction of those deserving such an honor.

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