WTF-complete: Mister and Miss Ogyny

The following is not anything grand; it’s just for entertainment.

Every once in a while, I like my procrastination to benefit the world at large (well, for small values of “world” and “large”). When I get in a mood like this, I hop over to Wikipedia and see if I can make myself useful, doing things like calling nutty articles to the attention of WikiProject Physics. I haven’t done this much of late — my wikipessimism and wikindifference have increased dramatically since last summer — but today I happened to check Articles for Deletion, the forum where self-promoting garage bands are beaten with clue-by-fours until they see the glorious light of reason (or oblivion, whichever comes first). While scrolling through the list to see if any new perpetual-motion machines or “Einstein was a cheater” anti-relativity loonballs had showed up, guess what I found.


Speedy Delete – Wimmin are incapable of hatred. Misandry is an artificial construct of the Patriarchy created because they hate it when feminists assert themselves and try to deconstruct the Phallocentric male-female power dynamic – 15:18, 11 April 2007 (UTC)

I only wish they’d managed to work in quantum feminism too. It looks like the IP address is registered to Cabrillo College (a community college in Aptos, California) and has a history of vandal edits to the Misandry article. (I haste to add that the same IP has done other things as well.)

The longer I look at this, the weirder it seems. Last April, somebody nominated the Misandry page for deletion on the following grounds:

This page is very biased, not a neutral point of view at all, does not seem notable enough, and finally, has next to no sources.

After four days of discussion, the page was kept. Much later, on 2 March 2007, our friend came along and put a deletion notice on the article again. The deletion discussion from 2006 was obliterated and replaced with the “deconstruct the Phallocentric” blurb I quoted earlier. After several Wikipedians came along to say that the article should be kept, the IP user cried out from the wilderness:

Why is it when a Feminist wants to discuss something, all you misogynists come out of the woodwork with your “Speedy” and “Strong” Keeps?

The result? Speedy keep. On 10 April, the anonymous IP from Aptos came back to do the same thing again, and when the “speedy keep” concluding state of the page was restored, the IP tried a third time, only to be undone earlier today.

I find it hard to believe that the person editing through IP address is wholly serious, but I find it even more interesting that deconstruct, wimmin and phallocentric aren’t in Firefox‘s spelling dictionary. Clearly, we face a scientistic, anti-social-constructivist conspiracy within the Open Source community.

UPDATE (13 April): Check out Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Masculism. . . if you dare.

4 thoughts on “WTF-complete: Mister and Miss Ogyny”

  1. Aha, deconstruct is not in the dictionary, but deconstruction is.

    Wait a minute. That doesn’t actually make sense.

    But hey, anything pomo which doesn’t make sense actually makes sense in a meta-way. And have you ever noticed that pomo looks an awful lot like porno with the proper font and kerning?

  2. Hey, deconstruction shows up in today’s New York Times:

    Indeed, the extravagant displays of muscle car machismo and sensuous, high-design femininity on display this week at the New York International Auto Show at the Javits Center would seem to cry out for deconstruction along gender- and sexual-identity lines.

    Sometimes, I envy those wimmin — mythical beings incapable of hatred — because everything I see just makes me want to become a back-alley abortionist to reduce the number of people weighting down this planet.

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