Great Moments in Duplicity

It’s late enough (the Boston sky is violet and orange outside my window) that I feel like posting these without much additional comment:

As this matter of faith is so much talked of, I have to reply that we accept it as useful for the multitude, and that we admittedly teach those who cannot abandon everything and pursue a study of rational argument to believe without thinking out their reasons.

— Origen (c. 185–c. 254), theologian and early Church Father

The solution to easing this hatred is for bible societies and religious publishers to produce two editions [of the New Testament], one for the public similar to the Contemporary English Version which reduces significantly this anti-Judaic potential, and the other edition for scholars taken from the Greek text.

— Irvin J. Borowsky, author and philanthropist

The former is quoted on page 144 of Charles Freeman’s The Closing of the Western Mind (2002), and the latter on page 56 of Hector Avalos’ The End of Biblical Studies (2007). In happier news, I just discovered that full-text works of George Sarton, grand old man of science history, are available at the Internet Archive.

6 thoughts on “Great Moments in Duplicity”

  1. I was recently honored to be banned by Moonbaby from the Intersection. My offense was comparing a specific quote by Nisbet to Goebbels.

    Today’s post on Pharyngula is Nisbet at his dispicible best, and I want to post.

    Kirschenbaum now starts the pitch and Nisbet comes on the stage with the spin.It’s gender now.

    I was knocking that pompous Nisbet two years ago before I even knew that he was in bed with Moonbaby.

    If you can assist, I would be thankful.

  2. I’d be happy to help, although I’m not sure in practical terms how much assistance I can offer. Your best course of action might be to start your own blog at, say, WordPress or Blogspot, and air your grievances. Should you choose to do so, I’d link your post here and make note of it in the Pharyngula comments (since, as you’ve probably noticed, your ban has already been the subject of some discussion there).

    ERV says that a link from me sends about five hundred visits her way, and I know I get a noticeable amount of traffic every time a post of mine gets linked in a Pharyngula discussion (even if only in the comment threads).

    I doubt you and I agree on everything, but I do think your statements should be read.

    (An example of disagreement: I tend to stay away from Nazi comparisons, because in my experience, they tend to provoke people into arguing over the propriety of making Nazi comparisons, rather than discussing the actual subject at hand. Therefore, I prefer to invoke Hollywood or Madison Avenue or some such industry when I’m seeking a properly odious comparison for propaganda techniques.)

  3. Grazi Blake, I just got off the phone with P Z. He was surprised, and thought that the actual culprit was the server at science blogs.
    Naturally, he offered to patch it up with the server.
    What a pleasant man on the phone.
    My comparison to Goebbels was on point and more than appropriate, but yessir I saw many folks react as you say.

    I rang off with P Z and said; “Keep going for the throat.”
    P Z replied; “You bet.”

    Peace to you.

  4. Gerald, normally people who are banned at one ScienceBlog should be able to post at the others. But a lot of people are getting comments stuck in moderation lately (the message “Your comment has been received and held for approval by the blog owner.”) PZ usually releases the moderated comments quickly, other sciencebloggers may not.

    Maybe you should have tried Zhdanov. “The people do not need music science which they cannot understand.” ;)

  5. Windy, what comes up at all science blog sites is, “Forbidden; you are forbidden access to this document.” I am sure that P Z will figger and straighten it out.
    Nisbet, however, goes on and on.
    I have learned a great deal by looking at the three pretentious yuppies on their way up in framing studies.
    I dunno who Zhdanov is, but I will look.

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