Da Gama Reports on Stark

Regrettably, other obligations prevented me from attending Congressman Pete Stark’s speech at Harvard last night. Fortunately, however, Joshua did, and he’s written a report for the rest of us.

Recommended reading.

He also links to the TV Tropes Wiki, which looks like a fantastic time-sink for a Friday afternoon. They’ve got extensive documentation on anime, for starters. The entry for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex was clearly written by fans. “The Major’s clothes are too hot for espionage,” it says, and I agree. I might be indirectly responsible for part of the entry, too, since I recall putting an awful lot of work into the Wikipedia articles on “cyberpunk” and “postcyberpunk” back in 2005.

2 thoughts on “Da Gama Reports on Stark”

  1. TvTropes is an astoundingly good timesink, for more than an afternoon. It took me two days just to wind through the videogame tropes, and then I had to hit up Applied Phlebotinium, Anime, Religion, Editorial, and a few others. I spent about a week and a half, total, sinking all my spare time at work into the damned site.

    On the plus side, I discovered Sailor Nothing, which is a *wonderful* novella.

  2. Stark was my congressman the year I spent in sunny Hayward, CA, and I never knew he was the first “out” atheist representative. Awesome.

    Love the attitude:

    …if the class president goes to the principle with some demand, well, he’s probably going to say “That’s nice” and patronise you until you go away but not really do anything. But, he said to them, about half of you kids are 18 already. One of you could run for the school board, and the others could vote for him, and since the constituencies for school boards are so small, there’s a pretty good chance that the candidate could get on the board. And then the principal would have to listen.

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