New Poll to Flood!

The New Humanist Blog has announced that it plans to poll its readers on topics of interest and/or importance. First up is — not much surprise here — the question, “Are Dawkins and Hitchens good for humanism?”

Now, I have to say that I’m never entirely sure what people mean by humanism, anymore. Back in the early 1990s, I thought it was the idea that human beings are responsible for the problems which afflict our species, and that human beings are going to have to solve them. (This line comes straight out of Isaac Asimov’s memoir.) Today, it sometimes sounds like a label people apply to themselves to distance their position, at least in their own eyes, from the Uppity Atheists. It can also be an umbrella term to include religious folk who like Asimov’s line about human responsibility (though they might be a little put off by the remarks in the same memoir about the history of religion being “the history of human misery and black times”).

I’m also curious why New Humanist has chosen to focus on Dawkins and Hitchens. Is it a straight-up question of book sales? (PZ, where’s your book? When all the Uppity Atheists meet in the South Pacific at the antipodal point of Nicaea, you’re going to get left out of the Godless Orthodoxy!)

5 thoughts on “New Poll to Flood!”

  1. It’s encouraging that the “yes” votes on that poll are making basically a clean sweep so far.

    Not that online polls aren’t the most unreliable form of polling there is or anything, but still.

  2. More petty personal frustrations about Moonbaby, the framing genius, and his ability to excommunicate me from all science blogs (seed media) for several days. I just tried to post at Neurophilosophy and was forbidden.
    I sent 2 e-mails days ago to Tim Murtaugh, the seed media webmaster, with my url numbers, as he requested.
    This should be easy to fix as far as I know.
    Grazi, for referring me to the Pharyngula discussion about it.

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