Survived High Doses of xkcd

Just got back from the xkcd meetup. For those who hadn’t heard, Randall Munroe stuck a date, time and pair of coordinates into a comic strip, which turned out to be this afternoon at a park near Davis Square. Naturally, I had to go, at least to see who else would show up.

Imagine a county fair, infested with red spiders, a Wikipedian protester, people wearing T-shirts from several generations of Internet memes, at least one toy velociraptor, a tape measure extension contest and a jungle gym densely packed with people who unanimously declare that science works, bitches.

I forgot my camera.

I did meet Joshua, though, and he might have some pictures uploaded soon.

7 thoughts on “Survived High Doses of xkcd

  1. Ah! I so wish I had been able to be in town for this. The nearby jungle gym sounds sooo cool, and I’m fairly certain I’ve walked past that playground a number of times. And idea how many people were there?

  2. algorithm: Yes, and Randall himself basically announced as much. And then everybody modified the comic to reflect the actual results of wanting something.

    Blake: My pictures suck. The camera phone is really shitty. However, there are Flickr sets and the like about.

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