Trodden on Tenure

Got any “guilty pleasures”?

Sean Carroll mourns the lack of salacious “guilty pleasures” among academics (or at least among those academics who are willing to talk). In response, particle cosmologist Mark Trodden says the best thing I’ve heard all week.

Ah, but once you have tenure it’s all edible panties, firearms and blow.

Richard Monastersky also points to a song, written by somebody called “musclememory” and sung to the tune “My Favorite Things.” I quote a verse:

Skipping my classes to cruise for young gay dudes
Strip clubs and gun running, snorting crushed quaaludes
Stealing department chairs’ gold wedding rings
These are a few of my favorite things

I suppose there’s a difference between activities which are socially offbeat and might be regarded as uncouth, and activities for which the statute of limitations has not yet expired.

5 thoughts on “Trodden on Tenure”

  1. “Sean Carroll mourns the lack of salacious “guilty pleasures” among academics (or at least among those academics who are willing to talk).”

    That assumes that one must feel “guilty” about one’s “pleasures”. Academia is a stressful environment, one shouldn’t regard it as a moral failure that one needs a good, sordid fuck every now and then to keep one’s head straight.

  2. (furtive glance) I am—-privately—-passionate about sports. DON’T TELL ANYONE!

    (Seriously, though, amongst a lot of academics of my acquaintance the admission that one might be a baseball or football fan draws looks ranging from puzzlement to pity)

  3. I was at a conference last year during the World Cup; in between talks, a whole bunch of science types would congregate in the hotel bar, eat chicken fingers and watch the big-screen TV. I was mostly there for the chicken fingers, but there were a lot of enthusiastic soccer fans present. This might have been selection bias — i.e., only the soccer fans show up at the bar — and the international character of the conference attendees might have made a difference, too.

    Here in the Greater MIT Metropolitan Area, of course, everybody gets excited about baseball, because there’s always the chance you’ll find yourself in the middle of a Red Sox riot.

  4. Go, enjoy the pleasures of life. There’s nothing particularly commendable about being a teetotaler, after all, and it’s too uncomfortably tied up in religious posturating for my tastes.

    “Everything in moderation. Especially moderation.”

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