Start Your Own (Pseudo)Science Journal Today!

Living punchline Paul Cameron has decided to start his own “peer-reviewed” journal to publish homophobic diatribes disguised as science. Titled The Empirical Journal of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior, it will soon be coming to a website near you.

You know, I find this idea rather inspirational. I wasn’t quite sure how to advance my idea that William Shakespeare wrote the plays of Christopher Marlowe (who was killed because he was a closet Copernican — “They” hushed up the incident as a fight over a bar bill) and that the truth of this assertion is encoded in the streetsigns visible in the background of Ghost in the Shell (1995). Now I know what to do: I just have to fire up a website proclaiming itself to be the Empirico-Rationalist Journal of Marlowian Conspiracy Theories.

Of course, it’ll be hard to beat the impact factor of that favorite publication heavily cited by all HIV/AIDS, Holocaust, moon landing, 9/11 and evolution denialists: Proceedings of the Society of Drunk People I Met in Bars Who Happen to Have YouTube Accounts.

But once I earn a little publicity, I’ll be able to strike it rich. I just have to sell out to Elsevier. They would certainly be willing to buy Emp. Rat. J. Mar. Cons. Th.; after all, they publish Homeopathy, don’t they?

Tip o’ the tinfoil hat to Mark Hoofnagle.