Welcome to Web 3.11 for Workgroups

Welcome to Science After Sunclipse, a blag devoted (more or less) to discussing mathematics and physics. Your hosts, including a soft-spoken and ever-humble Order of the Molly recipient (me), currently run a seminar series grandly entitled the “Do It Yourself University”. Typically hosted at the New England Complex Systems Institute, our sessions cover topics in statistical physics, information theory, topology and. . . well. . . whatever else strikes our collective fancy.

Our current seminar schedule stretches into the summer months. Each week, we’ll post an announcement of upcoming talks, and after each session, notes will automagically appear. (Bitten by a radioactive backslash key, I possess the ability to type LaTeX as fast as any of my fellow seminar leaders can lecture.) Other types of content you can expect include notices of interesting papers and arXiv preprints, our attempt to do a pale imitation of This Week’s Finds.

Also, I at least have a considerable portfolio of backlogged poetry, to which I might subject the world should the inhabitants of this planet not please me. . . .

Over at Cosmic Variance, Sean Carroll once called the Blagnet “the most erudite and challenging large-scale conversation in human history”, while noting that the words we use to describe this activity sound more like “something you feel compelled to do after doing too many Smirnoff shots the previous evening”. I hope you enjoy our contributions to the conversation.