The Mathematics of Love

Or, at least, of nostalgia — who else here remembers Square One?

And no, the Phoenicians did not use Arabic numerals. Those were cooked up a couple hundred years after Rome fell, in India, and spread to Europe via the Arabs. The forms of the written digits changed over time, and the idea of “0” seems to have come around later than the use of numerals for 1 through 9.

It suddenly occurs to me that people who watched too much Square One grow up to sing about the Finite Simple Group of Order Two.

One thought on “The Mathematics of Love”

  1. I remember two great songs from “Square One”: “Use Combinatorics” (performed by Regina, of “Baby Love” fame), and “Archimedes!”.

    And now I see that, like every other video ever made, these are also on YouTube. Thanks for reminding me.

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