In Re Vopson’s “Mass-Energy-Information Equivalence” and “Infodynamics”

Time was, when I saw nonsensical pseudo-physics getting uncritical media boosts, I would write blog posts about it. Now, I see “A New Law of Physics Could Support the Idea We’re Living In a Simulation” and just go, “Shut up, fuck you.” I wasted more than enough of my short time on this Earth reading incoherent self-indulgence to see if there was something, anything under the clickbait, and in my professional opinion, the guy who wrote his thesis on a bathroom wall, starting with “Love is blind” and concluding with “Ray Charles is God”, made a better contribution in every respect.

As I have written before, it is very difficult to provide substantive criticism of a “theory” that has no substance. I could point to individual things that make no sense, but the people who care don’t need my help, and the people who don’t won’t be convinced by anything I say. (“I asked ChatGPT to summarize the paper, and I found the results quite inspirational!”) I could try to provide a little media literacy, like feel free to ignore any science “news” that’s just a press release from the guy who made it up. But again, if you’re thirsty for something else, that will hardly satisfy. (“Reality is all on the blockchain, buy GameStop!”)