7 thoughts on “Raptors”

  1. The raptors in that move don’t have the emotional capacity for even feeling annoyance. They’re Vulcan raptors or something. I’m pretty sure I heard one of them say, “Fascinating,” while being shot at ineffectually by the main characters.

  2. For those joining our program already in progress, the background to the “grape juice” remark can be found here. Dr. Daniel Snyder of Knox College writes,

    It is widely known in the field of agronomy (e.g., Avery, 2002) that birds are repulsed by methyl anthranilate, a natural compound found in many of the less sweet fruit varieties. Methyl anthranilate has been used (with some success) as a bird repellent on crops. Now, we know (e.g., Gauthier et al., 1988) that modern birds are descended from dinosaurian ancestors, of which one close relative was Velociraptor (ibid.). Much as lab rats respond to drugs like humans, it is entirely possible that Velociraptor will respond to methyl anthranilate as does the common crow or European starling.

    Avery’s paper is also available.

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