Spam Humor

A couple times a day, I go through the Akismet spam bucket and see if any messages should be recovered. Sometimes, a legitimate commenter will use too many links (hey, citing your sources is good juju!) and Akismet will drop their message into the spam can. I haven’t yet figured out why some comments go into WordPress‘s moderation queue and others into Spam Cocytus, and I don’t like worthwhile comments languishing for very long.

Sometimes, ye olde spamme folio delivers up an amusing tidbit. For example, there’s this bloke named Daniel who keeps saying, “I could not understand all of this [name of post], but I guess I’ll have to check more sources about this, because it seems interesting.” This is particularly good when the post in question is about quantum mechanics. Also, Daniel will say, “I can’t agree with you 100% about [name of post], but that’s just my opinion, which could be wrong.” I confess that when this appears on a post about “framing science,” it’s hard to tell this content-free blather from a legitimate comment.

And then there’s the astrology spam. . . .

Just now I noticed a spam comment from a site advertising — I kid you not — “Christian Symbols and Christian Resources.” Their statement?

Sorry, it just sounds like a crazy idea for me :)

You and me both, brother.