“Computers Internet Blog”

And while I’m talking about the weird things which happen behind the blogging scenes, I should make a note about a search query which apparently keeps sending hits my way. Since May, I’ve gotten 335 hits for the Google query {computers internet blog}. Note that these go to pages which don’t use any of those three words (e.g., here).

My best guess — an inference also drawn by others — is that this is a signature of spammers looking for places to deposit their trash. They attempt to mask themselves by mucking with their referral strings; unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to reprogram WordPress to send debilitating mind-viruses back through the Network to the spammers responsible, so I have to rely upon Akismet to keep them out.

(There’s gotta be a plugin for sending mind-viruses! But I’ve looked under T for Transmetropolitan and G for ghost-hacking, and I’m coming up blank.)

Of course, now that I’ve written this, somebody might come here legitimately by following the same query. You don’t need quantum effects to change the outcome by observing it!

UPDATE (22 October): Hmm. Now I’m the first hit!

UPDATE (24 October): Hmm again. Is {mythomania} being used in the same way?

8 thoughts on ““Computers Internet Blog””

  1. Amusing. I had just figured out this is why I get so many hits from the same string, and by googling it I ran into this website. I took have Akismet. So much for that.

  2. *chuckle* I frequently get Google referrals of people who seem to be searching for eulogies (presumably because they suddenly have a call to give one, and are looking for examples?). Somehow, I don’t think this is what they are looking for ;-).

  3. So even knowing what people come here for, you still haven’t posted any actual magic Latin? We’re waiting, man!

  4. I get a lot of hits off of those same three words myself and I have no connection to ‘ internet computer blogs’ other than…I am one. Not sure what to do , but I have askimet as well.

  5. sorry correct the exact string is “computers internet blog” I get hits every day from this based on my stats program. My Akismet program catches most but not all. I finally looked at this link and see you are at the top…with also no relation to those words either. Perhaps there is a solution out there.

  6. wow – i just got that today amongst the “charlie weiss sucks” hits. Thanks for opening my eyes to the spam ways. i suppose there’s some sort of plugin that you could use to read the referral string, parse it by the q= and the +’s – i wonder how hard that would be to write.

    Nice comment box layout btw. The tab order seems to be off, though.

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