Saucy in the Garden

Kurt Vonnegut, blessed be his memory, once said that science fiction and pornography had one key thing in common: they both portrayed an impossibly hospitable world. Of course, he said that back in the day when John Campbell still held sway over the field, long before Blade Runner, so while pornography stayed where it was, science fiction moved on. Contemplating these matters, I started to wonder if providentialist religion couldn’t be described in the same way. The belief in, as Philip Kitcher says, “a Being who has a great design, a Being who cares for his creatures, who observes the fall of every sparrow and who is especially concerned with humanity” hits that same chord of optimism and ego.

Why am I following this sordid train of thought? Well, because it has a succulent conclusion. Bug Girl points to a reviewer who noticed something we should have remarked upon much earlier. Here is a photograph (by Monica Lam) of Kentucky’s Creation Museum, for which I claim fair use:

What does this tableau of Mr. and Mrs. Adam most strongly resemble?

How about this?

Or this?

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