I’m Out of Touch

Not only that, but I’m not even au courant with the people who are behind the times. Why do I say this? Well, Coturnix points to a query from CBS News:

I received a query from CBS News technology correspondent Daniel Sieberg about “the older generation” on Facebook. Do you have a story to share about your experiences on Facebook, particularly in relation to teens, many of whom call us over-40s “the creepies”? Or do you know teens or twenty-somethings willing to say how they feel about parents and geezers coming online and inspecting their Facebook profiles? CBS News will sort through the responses and may seek to interview some of the respondents.

I’m not on Facebook, nor do I have a spot on MySpace; I’m just not interested. Consequently, I don’t know the lingo. Stuck as I am between the teenage years and the over-40 realm, I’m just old enough that I can be moderately ignorant of both. However, I will say that “the creepies” sounds exactly like the sort of thing old people imagine young people say, rather than a word young people actually use. As America’s Finest News Source once reported,

Rodney Dunbar, a 46-year-old civil engineer and father of two, “must have read some drug-slang pamphlet or something,” his children reported Monday.

“Dad and I were watching the NBA playoffs Saturday,” 14-year-old son Dylan said. “Someone missed a pass, and he goes, ‘Sometimes, I get the feeling that some of these basketball players are smoking the rock.’ Then, a few days later, he sits down on my bed and asks me if I’d ever been ‘pressured into attending a raver party, where kids dance and take party drugs like truck driver, co-pilot, Georgia home boy, and doctor.’ It’s like he picked up a health textbook or something. Or maybe he found some weird talking-to-your-kids-about-drugs web site.”

So, my Facebook-enabled friends, do you call everyone older than your nearest tenured graduate student “the creepies”? Inquiring minds want to know.

3 thoughts on “I’m Out of Touch”

  1. No, but I’m not a teen, the demographic mentioned by Sieberg. I might be willing to call teens on Facebook “creepies” though. I find most “grown ups” (no, I am still not a grown up) on Facebook are using it for much more chilled out, and thus less creepy, reasons than people younger than I am who are trying to hook up or write weird things on each other’s “walls.”

  2. I’m not on Facebook, but I used to be, and no, I do not. I reserve the words “creep” and “creepy” specifically for middle-aged men trawling the Internet for 13-year-olds, but there may be an assumption among the still-in-school crowd that everyone over 40 on a social networking site is really only there to trawl the internet for 13-year-olds.

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