A little while ago, the cast and crew of NECSI were sitting around eating pizza and birthday cake, and Justin, who happened to be visiting today, told a story about “a friend of a friend.” This fellow, so the story goes, is polygamous, and his mother recently found out.

“How can these people do that?” she asked. “How can they live with themselves? It’s just downright shameful behavior. I mean, mixing Greek and Latin roots in the same word! Any son of mine will be either polyphilic or multigamous.

I have no idea whether or not this story is true, but now that I’ve repeated it on the Internet, it will be.

4 thoughts on “Shameless”

  1. “…Any son of mine will be either polyphilic or multigamous.”

    The latter, but only if we can pronounce it mul-TIG-a-mus to preserve the rhyme and meter of “Hogamus Higamus”.

    [Note: I was actually under the impression that there was a sizable volume of entertaining doggerel based on “Hogamus Higamus” ( Alas, if so it’s been overwhelmed on Google by the volume of commentary on the veracity of the original.]

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