A Homecoming of Princes

While I try to figure out how to upload all the pictures I’ve taken at ICCS to the NECSI website, my deci-PZ of readers might enjoy this story. As a Prom King myself (no, really) I take a special pleasure in announcing that Davis Senior High School of Davis, California has elected a gay couple to homecoming royalty.

“People were so excited for us,” [Kiernan] Gatewood said of the couple’s victory, announced a few weeks ago. “We were a little surprised, but Davis …”

“Is a liberal town,” interrupts his boyfriend of four months, [Brandon] Raphael. “Go 10 miles in any other direction and you’ll get some other feeling.”

Unlike my high school, Davis does not put names on its homecoming ballots; the two princes won in a purely write-in election.

(Tip o’ the felt-and-sequin crown to The Greenbelt.)

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