2 thoughts on “ICCS: Pictures”

  1. Holy crapdiddlyocious, a deci-PZ of readers?

    Apropos nothing, a story that might warm your heart: a filmmaker, programmer, and all-around crazy guy I occasionally get to work with was homeschooled by fundie Christian parents; when he was old enough, they packed him off to Liberty University. One day in college he tried defending creationism on an Internet forum and was, in his words, “eviscerated.” Nowadays he’s doing useful stuff like making documentaries about Fox News douchebaggery and badly-behaving contractors in Iraq (1,2). He says his leftward slide started with that debate.

    (That last link also mentions that he was waiting for a double lung transplant at the time the article was written. To not leave anyone hanging, he got the transplant(!) and has resumed kicking butt.)

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