Found Poetry: Search Queries 2

How have people been finding their way to my corner of the Network? Well, let’s see:

UPDATE: Of course, the best one came just after I posted this entry: why do i feel little waves of numbness through my body? (First hit, I’ll have you know.)

4 thoughts on “Found Poetry: Search Queries 2”

  1. Looks like the [ “sordid fuck” ] and [ panties “all edible” ] searchers found a relevant (if irony-laced) post. Heh, nice.

    Also, w00t re: Down-Home Cyber-Pulp Baggage. Divide a deci-PZ of traffic by 15 posts per month and you get about 6k hits a post. The actual number is far different due to the variations among posts and months, but it’s still safe to conclude that your dad has had more readers than at least forty-nine of fifty people who start novels. I think he’d be jazzed. (Seriously: cool thing to do and classily handled.)

    And besides, once you’ve posted Friday Quantum Mechanics, BAMM!!!, and a quatrain, your blog officially has Range.

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