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OK, after all that science talk, it’s time for some “mature viewers” content. Here is an adaptation which Julia Dameron directed of a scene in Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan, specifically Spider Jerusalem’s encounter with the President of the United States in a men’s room. The original can be found on pages 20–24 of Lust For Life (1998). Geek out, comix fans:

That’s probably as much of Transmet as you can film without a budget.

5 thoughts on “Transmetropolitan Video”

  1. Hi, long time lurker. I couldn’t let a post about Transmetropolitin go without a comment.

    Not bad but..Spider with hair?

    How did you come by that film?

    I wonder if anyone will try and make a full length feature?

  2. Yeah, the hair was just not right.

    I found this clip because I was browsing through my “video” category, looking for something or other amongst my old posts, and I found something I’d written called “Friday Animation.” Turned out to be an animation somebody had made from a Spider Jerusalem rant, which I’d mostly forgotten about (May was a long time ago in blog-years!). Then I glanced over the related clips which YouTube listed, and boom.

    A Transmet movie could go very well or very poorly. (If both Patrick Stewart and Darren Aronofsky are fans, we might dare to hope for the “very well” alternative. Then again, Hollywood wanted the Sandman to fist-fight a giant mechanical spider. . .) You’d have to do two movies in order to do the source material justice, I think: one up until volume 5 and the second adapted from volumes 5 through 10.

  3. I am only on volume 5 of Transmet so far. I am trying not to read them too fast.

    I thought the giant spider was associated with “Superman”. At least that was the story that kevin Smith told.

    Eventually the giant spider ended up in the “Wild Wild West” movie.

    Have you read “Y the last man” or “DMZ”? If not I highly recommend them.

  4. Not knowing Transmetropolitan except by reputation, I can’t say anything about the clip as an adaptation. But I really disliked the way the actors delivered their lines. To my mind’s ear those lines should have snapped like wet towels on a bare ass; Spider’s sing-song took out all the menace and the President conveyed all the power and authority of a sheriff outside the county lines. But who knows? maybe I’d be won over in a longer production.

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